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Thank You for visiting our Website. We are a marketing and distribution company that is designed to take products and services from incubation to market and maturity. With experienced management and a Team of dedicated Staff we can provide a variety of Internet, Social Media and Promotion that’s designed to expose products and services to the masses. Be sure to review our Marketing page and learn more “About Us” via this website and look forward to consulting and discussing how our team can afford you the Promotion / Marketing and Sales process that will garner results for your product, service or Company.

About us

Our company has many years of experience in the corporate world headed by 2 executives with over 50 years combined experience in sales/marketing and technology. Mike Thomas and Barry Peters came together with the idea of merging Sales & Marketing with Technology to deliver a more efficient Sales and Marketing process. They are utilizing technology for what it was truly intended; “to make our lives more efficient”. Marketing and sales is one of the few areas in business where technology is not being utilized to its full potential. That’s where Masterpiece Communications comes in, to eliminate the redundancy of telemarketing by replacing it with multi-media videos that are custom designed with the customer’s message to deliver a consistent presentation to hundreds-of-thousands of prospects who want and need a client’s product or service. We recently brought on a product through our parent company, Cooperative Alliance Distribution, where we are employing that automated sales process. Our video training modules are designed to bring sales rep’s knowledge-base up to speed quickly concerning our products’ features and selling points. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can consult with your business to show you how you can streamline your sales processes, making it more efficient thereby increasing your sales volume.



Why Us
If you want your sales process more efficient and automated reducing redundancy and genreating more sales via marketing and promotion strategies that yield results then we believe this clearly answers the question as to why choose us for that is what we deliver after consulting, learning and undersanding then consulting your business to fix problems in your current sales process that may rely to heavy on one facet or another and are not working together cohesively thereby causing stagnant sales and growth. Let us consult and assist you unclog that log jam with our team that’s dedicatd to reduce redundancy as well as expose your product and service to the mass targeted market that wants and needs your product and service

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