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More than 70% of Americans watch online video in a typical month, with viral distribution one of the key factors in drawing web users' attention to this material, a study by Lightspeed Research and Trendstream has found.

Creating engaging viral Video content has become one of the core aims of many advertisers seeking to boost their presence online,


July 1, 2009  ::

Masterpiece Communications changes focus and strategy to target SMB"s for Online Video  Sales and Marketing strategy's to increase website traffic to generate more qualified leads. .


Masterpiece Communications is an Internet Marketing Company that has refocused its core business from the Distribution of Products to assisting other Company’s in developing and Automated Sales an Indirect Distribution marketing initiative

This is due to the vast experience of its principles in the area of Indirect Channel Sales / Website Marketing and Technology.  We have the experience and Staff to redirect your company’s Sales initiative so that you can receive a greater ROI on your Marketing Investment by eliminating 20th Century inefficiency.

If you’re Company is experiencing any of the following:

  • Are you spending a small fortune in recruiting, sales, medical benefits, salaries and commissions but your ROI is negative?
  • Is your sales force struggling to generate leads because your firm can't afford to spend money on advertising? 
  • Is your Telemarketing effort not generating enough qualified leads to reduce turnover and attrition?


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Solution to your Marketing Challenge

Then let us consult your business as to how our Online Multimedia Sales Presentations combined with the following Marketing initiatives can afford you increased Website Traffic and qualified lead generation:

  • We can help you reduce your sales and marketing expense by automating your company’s website marketing and lead generation systems for you.  Training Video’s explaining to your Resellers “How to Market and Sell your Product or Service”
  • Our SEO/SEM  (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing) will increase website traffic  which will increase your search engine ranking while simultaneously help you reduce your customer acquisition cost via targeted Promotion/Advertising      
  • We use 21st century sales and website marketing techniques that help our clients drive down the cost of their sales and marketing campaigns    Through Affiliate Marketing which we develop via VAR’s, ISO’s and Resellers we can leverage the power of multiplication via the internet to expand your marketing message to a wider audience
  • Fully automated Online Sales Presentations will enable you to reach your target market 24/7 saves travel time and expense
  •  We develop an Indirect Channel Sales Program that offers the incentives that incentivizes the Channel to promote and market your product or service.
  •  Internet marketing campaigns that will target the prospects you’re business is looking to attract vs. telemarketing which is more costly and yields a lower ROI due to the advent of Voice Mail that screens most calls from reaching Decision Makers.

Contact us today by either calling the 800# or emailing and let one of our Business Consultants work with you to develop a program that fits your specific needs.

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